BluePrint Custom Modifications

This page is about the custom modifications or other things we can do to commercial equipment for friends and customers of


Equipment Modifications:

Focal FPS2160 Amplifier Mod V.3

Musico Black Board Mod for the Focal FPS2160 Amplifier

18 Oct 2012

Alpine H701 Mod

Op amp and capacitor modification

19 Aug 2012

Alpine PXA-H800 and remote Mod

Op amp upgrade and backlight modifications

1 Apr 2012

Celestra RA475x Mod

Capacitor and op amp upgrade for Celestra RA475x amplifier

31 Mar 2012

Focal FPS2160 Amplifier Mod V.2

Op amp upgrade for Focal FPS2160 Amplifier

07 Mar 2012

Alpine CDA9886 Modification

Inside look of a mid-level Alpine headunit and an op amp upgrade.

05 Mar 2012

Audison BitOne.2 Modification

Component upgrades (op amps/capacitors) in an Audison Bit One

13 Feb 2011

Audison BitOne DRC backlight mod

DRC lights don't match the dash lighting? We can fix that.

06 Nov 2011

Focal FPS2160 Amplifier Mod

crossover/preamp bypass and Class A bias

13 Feb 2011

Custom Products:

Custom Focal Be High End Passive

An audiophile's dream. Jantzen and Mundorf Parts throughout. Fully custom designed and hand built.

21 Nov 2011

Focal KRX3 mid-high passive

Using a Focal KRX3 for semi active application? You'll need this custom passive

coming soon

Musico High end Line Driver

High End Line Driver with audio grade parts and minimalist signal path

23 Jan 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff:

PWK Designed Enclosures

Application specific subwoofer enclosure by PWK Designs and built by Blueprint Concept Audio

09 Nov 2011

Dominations Futura

See what this tweeter really is all about....

21 Feb 2011

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